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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
German Mastership Inline - a sitestance inliner
: To clear things up, I was there as head judge, and yes they were quit good skaters!
: It was not Bo Elsbol skating sidestance, it was a German skater, and what you saw in the clip was pretty much all he did in sidestance, just for fun.
: Bo Elsbol dosenīs skate any more, to bad!

That's too bad, indeed! He was such a ripper!

: I have just opend a acount on Youtube, and are laying clips out, my youtube name is sk8viking, itīs prety much the same clips as on my homepage, injoy!

Great! I think I will post the links to the forum, then the videos will show up in the video browser of the forum.
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