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stength training?
I talked to a bunch of people and reasoned it through. Skating is a lot of balance which requires stabilizing muscles, something you dont used with fixed weights. So freeweights, bodyweights, tubing all better. Then I thought I need to do motions more like skating.

So this is stuff I came up with. Put skates on and do exercises where I pull my knees to my chest, flat on the ground, on the table upright, bicycling with them on. I have a barbell/dumbells so I can do lunges, deadlifts and squats too. Take tubing for leg/hip/ankle exercises. I will need to be creative here. I want BUTT exercises though! I want a big ass lol. But otherwise I dont care really on appearances, just performance.

Then jumps, with tubing, on my mini trampoline, with shoes. Jump rope with skates on. One legged jumps or anything where I pull my knees up. Hold inverts, and core exercises. But yeah, mostly skate! I think for injury, holding balance exericses and bodyweight exercises will be better to help stabilize the joints.

The trainer is used to training guys for looks/mass. I'm so freakin cut now as it is. All that lifting makes me more ripped and I dont need that cause soon I will look like a boy. My arm muscles are more cut then they guys lol. PLus it wastes my time.

: I wish I had the answer and hope someone else will. I find the best exercise to do for skating is skating. I found that when I was skating a lot, my endurance started to get better and I was doing longer and more frequent runs. I did have a sore thigh all of the time. I am hoping the Chiropractor can help that issue as well.
: : I went skating today expecting to feel really strong. For the last month I've gone to the gym 3 times a week religiously hoping to get more power, strength and to prevent injury/rehab my knee. After today I feel like none of this has transfered!
: :
: : The trainer has me more on a bodybuilding program. One where I am constantly sore and worrying about protein intake to recover. He has me doing a lot of pushing exercises and all on machines. For one, when I jump, I find it more pulling. Some of it was I had on a knee brace so it was hard to bend my knees but I couldnt really pull my knees up to jump! I expected this to be easy from all the weights. Then my shins, lower back and hips were all sore. I felt WEAKER.
: :
: : Am I just building unnecessary muscles and not using the muscles I use skating? Even my legs, my hamstrings are about as strong as my quads, so skating is actually good for my muscle balance since that is mostly quads. I think plyos would help once I heal. But what exercises help skating or just should I skate and do some calistenics? Ride the stationary bike? I'm more interested in skating and being injury free and really dont care if I have tiny bicepts or what not. I'm old and dont care. I just want to be healthy and skate like a mad woman!!
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