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I recon you should just go skating every time you would have gone to the gym.The muscles that you need for skating are the ones that will be getting the workout when you skate.
cheers joe

: I spoke with the trainer and came up with exercises myself. He seemed to put me on a safe general program and was happy to help me with a new program. Now I am using more free weights and a lot more lower body execises so now I spend almost 2 hrs in the gym lol. On an adduction exercise, one muscle was very weak and sore. That may be holding me back now! But all the exercises, even if not used in skating, should help stabilize my joints and prevent injuries. so sticking with it. When I'm strong enough and fully healed, I will do lots of plyos and that will help me tons! I think I need patience and more time..... It sure beats sitting on my butt on non skating days.
: : I wish I had the answer and hope someone else will. I find the best exercise to do for skating is skating. I found that when I was skating a lot, my endurance started to get better and I was doing longer and more frequent runs. I did have a sore thigh all of the time. I am hoping the Chiropractor can help that issue as well.
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: : : I went skating today expecting to feel really strong. For the last month I've gone to the gym 3 times a week religiously hoping to get more power, strength and to prevent injury/rehab my knee. After today I feel like none of this has transfered!
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: : : The trainer has me more on a bodybuilding program. One where I am constantly sore and worrying about protein intake to recover. He has me doing a lot of pushing exercises and all on machines. For one, when I jump, I find it more pulling. Some of it was I had on a knee brace so it was hard to bend my knees but I couldnt really pull my knees up to jump! I expected this to be easy from all the weights. Then my shins, lower back and hips were all sore. I felt WEAKER.
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: : : Am I just building unnecessary muscles and not using the muscles I use skating? Even my legs, my hamstrings are about as strong as my quads, so skating is actually good for my muscle balance since that is mostly quads. I think plyos would help once I heal. But what exercises help skating or just should I skate and do some calistenics? Ride the stationary bike? I'm more interested in skating and being injury free and really dont care if I have tiny bicepts or what not. I'm old and dont care. I just want to be healthy and skate like a mad woman!!
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