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love the skateboard wheels and my skates!
My new skates are so awesome! Today I could get back most of what I was doing. I was at it 1 1/2 hrs today. I feel awesome!! :-D Everything but dropping in the halfpipe cause the knee brace makes it hard to bend my knee low and trying to be cautious. Also cant pump high without bending low I'm finding. Seems most of pumping is bending knees.

First day skateboard wheels! Wow, they have more grip then the aerobics I had on, 85a, smoother ironically, even on STREETS, and on the ramps it took less effort to go up further. I can spin so easily! They ride so smooth. I will never put roller skate wheels on them again. I have the bowl bombers, 95a. I cant believe they ride so smoothly on uneven ramps even. I can hit cracks and bumps and its like nothing. I love my skates. Sometimes I knock the rear wheels still, thats all.

I will touch up my sliders. I can stand now on a round rail with them and balance! Just I find since I walk duck footed, I need to round/flatten the ends of the circle more especially on the insides of my boot. If I dont land on it with my feet going directly straight, the edges catch where they are 90 degrees. So next time, the design will be a V with it starting just below at the hangers, the middle will be rounded off instead of pointed. Its easy to slide off then when I hit the wheels, roll off. That will be perfect for me. Soon I will try to jump on one. :-O! <-I'm scared....... In 2 weeks I should be fully healed.

Talked to other skaters. There is a ditch near by, concrete, a dried up creek or something. Yep, I will have fun all winter too!! Even if its cold, I like to get fresh air.
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