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love the skateboard wheels and my skates!
Yes, those are absolutely the best wheels I've ever ridden! Thanks a bunch. The only thing that would be a negative is weight. But they are the same weight as my aerobics. One day maybe I will look into lighter wheels cause thats where most my skate weight is, but I didnt notice much difference in the added weight to my new skates so I will ride these til they die!!

Yeah, it might be 2 more weeks til I have full mobility and 100%, but my knee doesnt hurt unless I squat down to my heels. :-D Soon I can push ahead again! I already want to skate again and today is rest day lol.

: Cool!!! I told you the 95a were g(o)od wheels
: "Seems most of pumping is bending knees."
: 100% agree, 80%knees+20%arms movement!?

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