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Goofy and Regular (natural)
: I have mostly encountered regular (front foot is left, rear foot is right) sidestance rollerskaters, making opportunities for doubles limited, esp over/under tricks. I'm regular and can only go switch (fakie) on airs and 360s. Wainwright is strong skating switch... amazing. I practiced alot doing slalom and slalom downhills sidestance, it helps when turning frontside (belly out). My rear foot is my power for pushing (like ollies on skateboarding), the front foot seems to do the steering. I hope someday to do some doubles again, preferably with another rollerskater.

Irene, did you start out skateboarding? I'm thinking, maybe I will start messing with this more, esp. now that I know the right way I should do it lol. Maybe that will get me figuring out how to do sidestance. I want to do both ways. Think to do truck grinds, just easier from sidestance. I can do it on streets, but not really ramps.

Whats over/under and switch lol? Sorry to ask dumb questions, still new and roller skating solo here.
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