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Goofy and Regular (natural)
That's funny, when I started skating in ramps in the 78's, I learned parallel, turning left. Then in 81, I learned side stance, goofy oriented, still turning left parallel till 90s'.
When I started again in 2003, I was puzzled in parallel:
I could do both turnings and I didn't know on which side to turn, and in fact turning right became much more natural for me....
But sidestance is still goofy for me, my highest airs are sidestance frontside on big ramps and parallel/right on small ones (I'm working on backside airs and parallel too).
So with time things changed for me. For me too rear foot is power/front steering.
Double over/under tricks (rskating ;-)) could be possible, Irene!!!!

For Claudine: I have never used a skateboard!!!! ...but I must admit that I started windsurfing about the same time that rollerskating and I'm goofy there too for tricks in the waves (BTW, in France, windsurf is also considered a kind of oldschool....compared to kitesurfing).

: I have mostly encountered regular (front foot is left, rear foot is right) sidestance rollerskaters, making opportunities for doubles limited, esp over/under tricks. I'm regular and can only go switch (fakie) on airs and 360s. Wainwright is strong skating switch... amazing. I practiced alot doing slalom and slalom downhills sidestance, it helps when turning frontside (belly out). My rear foot is my power for pushing (like ollies on skateboarding), the front foot seems to do the steering. I hope someday to do some doubles again, preferably with another rollerskater.
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