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Me dropping in.....
: what is your website again?
: : Heres me on the ramps after dropping in! I'll put the rest on my webpage. Some of them I look like a windmill lol.

I haven't put them up yet. I'm trying to decide if I'll just put them up or create some sort of slideshow. Some of them are quite humorous hahaha! I'll put up a link when I do. Didn't want to clog up this forum with beginner type skating pics. Its on the same website as I listed in my post below. The stuff I'm doing is no big deal in the photos since I just started this summer, just dropping in and pumping and since I have 2 knee braces on one knee, its hard for me to bend right now. But I'm glad to see myself in action and have a reference point to start from. So no layback airs yet lol, maybe next summer! :-D I was tempted to jump over the spine today, and got close to doing a stall finally, but as soon as I hit the coping I would jump up in the air lol. Hopefully next week! Least I'm going beyond the coping now, finally!!
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