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Me dropping in.....
This is actually my transition after I dropped in. I have lots of pics and will post kinda a sequence on my site. Even the pics were helpful cause I can see things I need to work on. The 2 knee braces had me skating stiff legged cause I couldnt bend far and I just started back again after the injury, but I did MUCH better yesterday just cause of the pics and got real air past the coping finally. :-D But I have a video and will post that soon of me pumping cause I want to get MUCH higher and need all the input I can on that. I really hope to get a video camera one day because I agree, you cant tell much from photos. Some of the photos really crack me up! Thanks for the input. :-D

: Great pict Claudine!!!
: It's only a pict (video is better for advices), but for a drop in, you see 2 things: you are still flying and looking left (goofy eyed? ;-!) at the middle height of the ramp. If you do this everytime, maybe try to correct your movement: try to look where you want to go and to touch the ramp asap below the coping.
: : Heres me on the ramps after dropping in! I'll put the rest on my webpage. Some of them I look like a windmill lol.
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