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Roll Some noise BOWL session
Thx Claudine, it was second time I try a bowl like that and I met another french quader (Quader).
When you fall, it's pump or die! After some time, some kids don't want to die, so they remove their skates and walk up in socks, they have more grip on wood, but in deep concrete bowl or pool, you need to pump (Don't have to stoppers....)

PS: for security reasons, ramps don't have ladder in France, so you have to learn pumping, but.... it's the reverse problem than bowls if you crash.... So when I skate alone on ramps , I never put my bag on the plateform!!!!!! because if one day I crash really hard, I will not be able to reach my phone in the bag up there.... (some of my friends let their bags up, with a rope, just in case, to recover the bag from down).

: Great videos! That looks like lots of fun. Perfect debth for me too! The bowl nearby me is very small and tight so I have to enter and carve LEFT immediately so I've been procrastinating doing it. I'm gonna try it soon, thats why I'm practicing going left.
: So when you fall, how do you get out of the bowl, pump? I dont have toe stops on now but was told for bowls they are great.
: : Last saturday (fever night), we went to the indoor skatepark Le Spot for a roller disco organized there (Le mans, The bowl is very nice and smooth!!!!!
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: : Some more details here
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: : Some vidz (Try to paste a youtube player, not sure it works):
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