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Roll Some noise BOWL session
Thanks Robert! The camera used here is a low cost Samsung Digimax S500 (my son camera...) It's small, take quiet good picts and vids at 640*480 at 30 images/s as long as your SD card can store, and you can zoom optically while filming.

: Great video and great skating! What type of camera did you use? I also loved the switch stance! Claudine, I totally recommend wearing toe stops. They help in so many ways. If I am coming in backwards and have to bail, I just put down my stops and save myself from falling. They are also a lot of fun to do tricks on. Last but not least, I never worry about getting stuck in a bowl because you can climb each side with your stoppers to gain momentum to get out. Toe stops are awesome once you get used to them. Try it and you will love them.
: : Thanks Irene. Switching also sometime help me to avoid bails!!! ;-)
: : : Very cool...great idea for an event at the skateparks and the park looks real fun.
: : : Nice skating, too! I like how you can switch it up from parallel to sidestance, vice versa. Right on.
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