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On Quadskating, there was a post from a german who used them too (Dave, do you still have a backup of it somewhere?). In France, I know where to get them, but in USA it should be easier and much cheapper. It's used by people for tuning cars, in electronics (Good fellows, ...)
Be careful, carbon laminates don't like direct impacts, so you need to protect it. You can cut it with a handsaw, please be extremely carefull with the powder resulting from drilling, cutting: it's highly cancerigen, irritating for your skin, eyes, lungs,.....
For something very light and still stiffer, a sandwich of laminates (carbon/glass fiber+honeycomb) would work too.

Have fun!!!!

: Anybody have experience with carbon material for plate-making?
: Gambin's buddy is rocking these.
: I'm interested in weight, how easy it is to cut and where to get it.
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