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Composites are really big in the Engineering world right now. There are certain plastics that are extremely strong and once bent, will bend back to shape. Although I do not think it would be feasible, it would be really cool to ask for some help from some engineers. I work with a ton of design engineers and have met some cool mechanical engineers on another site. I also had an old skate buddy contact me that owns a medal machine shop. Besides that, my ex-girlfriend's husband is a welder. I wonder if there would be a way to use all of these contacts to produce an awesome plate or at least grind bar? I am guessing the logistics and cost would not make it feasible, but it would be cool to look into. I don't really see a need for a design engineer, unless they could come up with a really cool shape. I think the mechanical engineer and the machine shop person would be the most help. I definitely have people that would help us, I guess it is a matter of materials, work, and logistics. I am just thinking out loud, but maybe I will could compile some of your creations and run it by some people?

: Correct zorg.By the way,wheels are organised and Bernhard is the mailman(orposibly santa).
: cheers joe
: : I think Joe is refering to Racing cars F1: Mac Larren, Ferrari, Renault, .... Airplane industry, surf, windsurfing, snowboarding use composite too
: :
: : : : F1 guys use it cos it's strong and light so it should be perfect.
: : :
: : : Who are F1 guys?
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