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Finally did it!
Great work Irene!!!!! I use a chair as worktable too, in my kitchen.... Do you use your left foot to hold the piece you cut or drill with your right hand too ??
The weight is low too. If you want to decrase it, the next step is to replace all the axis by high grade ones (Al or titanium, or t least CrMo steel), bearings are also heavy....

: Thanks to all the inspiration gotten from all you rollerskaters out there (you know who you are), I have finally put my new ride together. After much contemplation (procrastination) and several changes, they're done. Pleased with how it turned out, I'm not sure when I will have the chance to test ride them. Our city parks are closed and the indoor ones require me to hitch a ride. I hope to ride them this Sat, oh please....make it happen. It's also rainy and cold outside. I realise why it took me years to do's alot of work with just a jigsaw and a drill in my apt, using a chair as a worktable.
: The final setup: Riedell Retro Sport boot, K2 inline toecap, Tracker plate, Krux baseplate, Indy 109mm hangars, Crap bearings, unknown blank wheels.
: Sliders: Home Depot chrome 5/8" sq. towel bar ($.99 each) and Powell Rib Bone rails.
: Total weight (each skate): 4 pounds
: I will post the weight of each component (for those who care to know)
: Soon I hope to slide around corners with pool coping!
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