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Finally did it!
Those skates are F'n awesome. I am so jealouse of your plate and sliders. I use rollergirls grind plates and think they are awesome, but I would like more room to latch on to the coping. I am used to having a bent jump bar against my plates and actually clasping on. Claudine, as I said in my other post, please give toe stops a try. I don't see how they can get in the way and they save your wheels from getting flat spots. When I was young, I used to go straight down a very steep hill and I had to stop at the bottom before I hit the rain gutter or whatever you call those things as well as cross traffic. I would probably go 30 miles an hour and just jump backwards and stop with in ten feet. I love toe stops. I definitely do not like the ones on my skates. I am used to the ones that are attached to a huge screw that screws into your plate. I have the ones that attach my a separate tiny screw and they get really loose all of the time. You guys/gals are really motivating me to set aside my pain and hit the park. I really would like to share some oldschool parellel vert skating with you. It won't compare to some, but won't be half bad. : )

: Well, got to post this, Holly can dig me in a hole with her toe stops lol! She can run up ramps and everything with them. I haven't learned how to use them really nor how to stop going downhill either lol. They hit on the humps I like to go over and add weight. So I left them off.
: So you cut the tips off with a jigsaw? I might do that cause the toe stops would also be in front of my toe so probably not useable. Where did you get those toe protectors? I just used gaffers tape on top of leather on my plates since they are too long. So far its working.
: The inliners love Crap bearings, mine are just CRAPPY hahaha!
: Hey, let us know how they roll. They look sweet! You win the award on creativity. ;-D I saw a nice marble ledge today, no skate stoppers on them, humm.....looks like I'm gonna get my butt into trouble, woo-hoo! Slip slidin away!!
: : thanx. I decided to cut the toe stopper area off the plate, taking off another 0.5 ounce. I'm gonna try these wheels and bearings or put on the ones I'm riding now. These are literally CRAP bearings ;- )
: : yep, drilled holes to mount my small heels, boots are a size 5, on sale for $30+10 ship. yep, pump out after bailing in bowls. the LA crew really use their toestoppers well to get out, i still haven't master that move yet.
: :
: : : Oh wow Irene, you did an awesome job!! Mine weigh an ounce or so more lol. And you have wider hangers, really good job.
: : : : So why crap bearings? I would think the swiss ones you had would be faster. I need faster bearings. I think I will try the Missiles. Mine are crap literally lol.
: : : And your baseplates. Did you drill a hole between them so you could attach them to the heel? With mine, if my kingpin ever breaks, if I cant get plastic ones it will be hard. I love my trucks and know I cant go wider cause I would seriously lock wheels if I did. My plates and trucks will probably not change til I die. I might move the center of my sliders closer to the front. Thats it for changes for me for my skates I think. I'm pretty darn happy with mine.
: : : : So when you bail in a bowl, do you pump out too? I dont like the toe stops. They get in the way on the humpty-humps.
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