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Digital Cameras
Wow, I can't believe I got through all of the posts. It was so awesome to pull up the forum and see so much activity. I guess the weather is keeping some of you from skating so you are on here to talk skate. Very cool!

I would like to get some feedback from anyone that uses a digital camera at the skatepark. I belong to a skateboard forum and they always post amazing pictures and movies. I am going to buy one soon so that I can take a ton of pictures at the skatepark and hopefully get a few of myself. My friend on the other site said he uses the Canon S3. This thing takes amazing pictures and allows you to video. I am just curious if anyone has an amazing camera that shoots videos and works well at the skatepark? Once I get this camera I am going to be such a photog. I will be bad, but damn I will be one. Unfortunately, I will not have any rollerskaters to take pictures of. It will be fun to video the kids at the park and send them their movies over e-mail. I will get their dads to video me and I will share them on here. Claudine, I may even film a class on how to use toe stops. lol
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