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Digital Cameras
: : Bernhard nows much more than I do, but having a wide angle lens is really nice.
: Wide angle is one reason why I am still shooting film. Another one is that slides are just best for large format presentation. Affordable digital projectors just don't come close to old-fashioned slides. You can use super wide angle lenses on full-format digital cameras, but those start at 2500 Euros. And until recently (that is two weeks ago) there weren't fish-eye lenses for smaller sensor digital cameras.
: But the whole digital frenzy means that you now can get top notch film gear on the used market for about nothing. Hm, maybe I will buy me another film camera. At least film lasts for a few decades.

Is there a really cheap u-tube quality video camera you would suggest? I want one that shoots up to an hour so I can tape myself on my jumps and grinds/slides as I learn. Cant be expensive cause Santa might not have thought I was a good enough girl this year lol.
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