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motorcross pads?
I dont think I will ever have pads that fit me right without being custom. I do love my elbow pads now. But sometimes I feel like such a dork with all these pads on that are as big as I am. Even my gloves look ridiculous, esp. now that its cold and I'm wearing gloves under the guards. I really hate the butt pads but they save my ass, I think, I donno lol.

: I have always skated with bulky pads. There have been times in the past where I did not wear a helmet and was doing no handed flips. I have rarely skated with out knee pads and with rollerskaters you just can't. Skateboarders are fortunate enough to be able to bail and run. We are stuck slamming no matter what. I realize I changed the subject a bit, but started thinking of something as I wrote. I have recently read a few posts on my other site of guys dying because they were not wearing their helmets. I also read how wearing a helmet digs into your skin when you fall and causes a gash to get stiches. I will take stiches over being a vegetable. Sorry for going in another direction, but I am very passionate about wearing pads. I don't care how good you are because freak accidents happen. How did I fall doing a footplant, which I never fell doing in over twenty years and broke my elbow wearing PD pads? Freak shit happens. Now back to your Claudine, it would be awesome to find a better fitting pad that could protect us just as well with out all of the bulk. I am convinced we could have everything we need, but it is not in the economic interest of companies.
: : To me, they seem to not be built for impact. Not much foam in there! I know myself, I land on my knees A LOT.
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: : I thought I would post it to get feedback. This guy swore they were better then his protecs and gave him his much wanted ability to maneuver easier. I wish I could find pads not so large. Right now since I have braces on my knee, I cant bend it much at all so thats why this is on my mind. It really interferes with skating. I wonder what it would be like to be able to skate without the gaskets/pads on at all but I value my knees WAY too much now to ever chance that unless there was a tested version that would give me more maneuverability and just as much safety.
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: : I'm sure once I take the knee braces off, I will find that my set up is fine and I can bend almost as much as I could ever want for jumps, etc. Right now my knees are in straight jackets lol.
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: : : There are a few things that come to mind. These guys don't fall that much, but when they do, it is really bad. I am guessing these pads are designed to withstand a few bad falls, but not everyday wear and tear. Also, I know they bend their knees, but I wonder if it is in the same way we do? I know the newer skate helmets are designed to protect you from a bad fall, but I don't think they are meant to keep being worn. I hit my head so hard when I broke my elbow and I probably should not be wearing my helmet anymore. They have designed them so that it hurts way more when you hit your head, but I guess they protect your brain better. I miss the cushiony protec helmets.
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: : : : Think you hit the nailon the head,good for abrasion but probably not the best for impact and proly wouldn't last too long on concrete either,but you never know..
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: : : : cheers joe
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: : : : : One guy that skates inlines, swears that these are better then skating pads and more maneuverable then the vert pads for skating. Since motorcross you crash at 100mph, they are much better at protection he said. I said they look good for abrasions, but doesnt look like they would handle impact. I went with what works with other vert skaters. Any thoughts/opinions to these? For me personally, if I could find a pad that was better and wasnt bigger then my whole body, I wouldnt mind. Plus they cost less then $40. But I dont think they would do me good.
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