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: Thanks everyone who helped me and gaved me tips about roller skates and shipping and so on! I have decided to get a pair from Roller Girl - it feels like the easyiest thing to do right now and she is really nice to. But thanks Claudine for your offer aboute buying your old ones - that was a nice thing to do!! The only thing I wonder now is how many bearings I should have?? Whats the diffrent of having for exampel 1 or 5 bearings?
: Thanks again, Majja

Well, abec is abec, they are all the same from my experience and none of them are good. I wouldnt worry about bearings to begin with, worry about the skate fitting right and getting an appropriate set up. I went through THREE pair of skates til I got a boot that fit right lol, so talk to Lisa and make sure they fit the first time around. Lisa will do a great job getting the set up right!! She is soooo AWESOME. :-D Its nice that she does that!!

I'm not sure of your experience either. For me, I just learned to skate and went to the skatepark. Ramp skating is very different on balance so you feel so fast even on crap bearings/wheels and its like starting as a total beginner again. I would just start out on simple bearings unless you are like some of these guys here who had skates on since 5 and have been bombing the streets for years beforehand. Honestly, I was really aweful the first couple of times and if I had fast hard wheels to start out with, it would have been really out of control. Right now I have abec 1 bearings in but now I will change them after Christmas. Only now cause I am dying to fly beyond the coping!! You really dont want to do that in the beginning, trust me. Its easy to get overwhelmed with too many things to learn in the very beginning. I try to do just 1-2 things new or push them each time, thats it.

Congrats though! What skates are you getting? :-D You might want to get butt pads too lol cause I didnt know how to slam in the beginning and I fell backwards ALL THE TIME the first month or two while learning and would hit my tailbone, ouch, til I learned better. DONT DO THAT, trust me, you will thank me later. Choose a butt cheek lol.

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