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I have been told the ABEC ratings are a bunch of crap. But, if you go by the standard, then the higher number is better. I bought the Reds and they are perfectly fine. I would be more concerned about wheels. Sometimes I think we all get a little too caught up in equipment. Yes, a good comfortable is important. I also think good wheels are important. I don't know much about plates and don't really care as long as they don't break on me. My setup cost about $300 before my new SPF's, but I don't think a beginner needs to spend more than $200. I have heard very good things about the Carerra's and that was going to be the boot I got, but Lisa told me they switched back to the narrower style and it would not fit me well. I now ride on Riedel 265s.

: That might be a good idea for her! The REDS are the best for the money. But would that make her jerk? I donno, I've only skated with really crappy bearings so I have no idea what type of speed might come with real bearings. When I get the Missiles, I hope I fly to the sky lol.
: I would also talk with Lisa. Shes good on set ups. I wouldnt get the abec 3s over the abec 1s cause they DO skate the same. Just I would see if you could somehow measure your front foot to make sure that boot would be ok. It does run narrow up front. But if what Irene says works, get the nicer bearings then cause eventually you will want more speed.
: : You can always slow down your wheels and bearings by tightening the axle nuts so its harder to spin them.
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: : : ABEC will all skate the same mostly. REDS will skate faster. Thats why I mentioned ABEC may be ok if you want something where you felt more in control, slower.
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: : : : Is it more difficult to skate with the REDS or with a high number of abec (for ex. abec 5)?? I want to have it the easyiest way possible.
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: : : : : my humble opinion.....Go for the REDS and get grindbars, too!
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: : : : : : Are you getting a grind bar too? Get that if you can cause then you can drop in much easier. I would get abec 1 or 3, no difference really. Later get REDS or better yet, I'm getting Missiles from RocknRons. :-D
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: : : : : : : Its the abec rating. Im going to buy the Carrera Aerobic and I need to chose from Bearings: SureGrip ABEC 1,3,5 & 7 or China Bones REDS
: : : : : : : -Majja
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: : : : : : : : Not sure what you mean? Are you talking about the abec rating or the number of balls per case?I recon the rollergirl skates will come with fairly decent bearings for starters anyway.
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: : : : : : : : cheers joe
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: : : : : : : : : Thanks everyone who helped me and gaved me tips about roller skates and shipping and so on! I have decided to get a pair from Roller Girl - it feels like the easyiest thing to do right now and she is really nice to. But thanks Claudine for your offer aboute buying your old ones - that was a nice thing to do!! The only thing I wonder now is how many bearings I should have?? Whats the diffrent of having for exampel 1 or 5 bearings?
: : : : : : : : : Thanks again, Majja
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