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Woman's Roller Derby
: Dave wrote:
: :

This ought to set back respect for women by about 20
: : years. Probably entertaining though. :)
: Women who go their way, without letting bigots limit their freedom of expression and pursuit of happiness, definitely deserve respect.
: Tobi

I'm not a bigot Tobi (actually the term in this case would be chauvinist) and I also think these women can do whatever they please. My only concern is the hokey way this venture is being presented. I would like to see roller derby presented more closely to a legitimate sport (it did originally start out that way back in the depression) instead of all the WWF (now WWE) type makeup and theatrics.
Somebody in California was trying to start up a legit roller derby league (an actual sport) a couple of years ago, but I haven't heard if he got anywhere.

It would be cool to see Irene get into the roller derby. She could do some 360's and hand plants over top of the pack.


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