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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Woman's Roller Derby

Dave wrote:

: I'm not a bigot Tobi

(BTW, I didn't say you would be one.)

: (actually the term in this case would be chauvinist) :
"a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices"

: and I also think these women can do whatever they please.

Great! That's really great.

: My only concern is the hokey way this venture is being
: presented. I would like to see roller derby presented more
: closely to a legitimate sport

I think there's room for both. It's not as if they're trying to pursue this as an olympic discipline, and I don't see why they should; as far as I can see, their objective is simply a different one (not a lesser one).

Others can develop "legit leagues" themselves if they want to.

: legit roller derby league (an actual sport)

To me personally, that sounds boring.


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