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: : Well, I look like a frog lol. But no job, bad grade in my class, my site looks really bad in firefox cause it doesnt support my code, dont know what to do, might withdraw my class......
: It's really difficult writing JavaScript that works well with all browsers. But FireFox is in general the cleaner browser which is more comitted to standards. My code doesn't work with MSs IntrusionEngine. Maybe I will get around to fix this someday, but this is difficult since I can't really test with IE (doesn't run on my computer. Not that I would miss it).

Its the html, so that makes me look really bad! My tables dont center and my bullets were going into the text on the nav bar. Noone told me....... I fixed the bullets last night. Still have everything on the left and it looks really bad.
: Since Web 2.0 is the big hype, there are lots of JavaScript libraries around which aim to reduce the burden of writing browser-indepenendt JavaScript.
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