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My news Rollerskate
I want UR helmet! :-D

Wow, everyones getting there feet up but me. I cant wait til the day!!

: Its true man. In year 1991 Marcos Longares offered me rollerskating in his Team, Rockexpress. But I only fourteen years old, and the mind not the same. two year after I quit the team and today still not that.I not exploit the oportunity. Now,thanks to Ufra, Bombe and the other incredible person I come back to rollerskate. Today Im happy whit my rollerskates, my friends and I not think in the past.....
: It is crazy how you look back and realize that you had so many missed opportunities. When I was younger, I had G&S wanting to sponsor me. They gave me some crazy wheels, which I used, but I never pursued sponsorship. I think I was too young to know what that meant. My parents were awsome as far as dropping me off at the skatepark, but I never really understood sponsorship and at the time did not care. I am proud to say that Fred Blood saw me skate and gave me a set of his wheels. That was pretty cool. I guess I could have gotten sponsored, but I was too young to care. In college, when things were really bad, I sent my video to a few companies and got sponsored by Bauer inline skates. I guess I sold out, but at the time just wanted free stuff. It was pretty cool to learn how to ride inlines, when I could barely stand on them. I went on to travel Europe and was probably the only inline skater they ever saw. I hope and want to think that I introduced inline to Europe. That may be a bad thing now, but it was an awesome experience.
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: : : I only rollerskating with hard boots, Is more comfortable for me. My first pairs of boots were a Bauer XL45, that gave me Marcos Longares, that was the same used he. I not rollersaketing whit diferent boots!!!
: : : (excuse me for my english)
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: : : : Those look awesome! I have never been into hockey skates because they are so stiff at first. I did hear that if you so them in water and put them on, then they will form to your feet. My old sponsor send me some hockey inline skates and I just did not like them, but I should have tried to mold them or something. I ended up trading them and a few other skates for a pair of aggressive inline skates that I hated. I am so happy because it got me back into rollerskating.
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: : : : : Its my new rollerskates:
: : : : : Boot of ice-hockey, thunder trucks, base sanchesky(thank you Antonio Tomate) and Ricta wheels of 101 A. I love it!
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