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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
what type of setup?
: : : I'm going to sell my art skates I think now and build a speed skate for indoors but maybe also to jump on the streets, like this video. COOL! Whats his set up?
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: : He's using basketball shoes with an aluminum sole plate sandwiched between the shoe and plates. A very common setup in France.
: Tell me more on the aluminum sole! I've got some $9 soccer shoes here waiting on a speed/jumping set up. I think with trucks forward mount, maybe just my probe plates cause then I can put on the ramp trucks if I like. So like 1mm aluminum? Cut it up with a jigsaw and use a drill?
: Yeah, he can rip! Dudette wanna rip it up too!! :-D weather is crap so I'm having fun on u-tube daydreamin it up.

So Dave, would the basketball shoe be better for jumps? I was thinking that if I needed ankle support, I could just wear neoprene supports and have low cut boots. Then if I wanted, I could use them as speed skates too.
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