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what type of setup?
With Basket shoes, the aluminium sole is needed because the basket sole is soft and deforms to much when you skate or jump. They add weight to your skate (100-200g per skate) With soccers shoes, you don't need them. Eveything is explained here (sorry, it's in french)

: : : I'm going to sell my art skates I think now and build a speed skate for indoors but maybe also to jump on the streets, like this video. COOL! Whats his set up?
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: : He's using basketball shoes with an aluminum sole plate sandwiched between the shoe and plates. A very common setup in France.
: Tell me more on the aluminum sole! I've got some $9 soccer shoes here waiting on a speed/jumping set up. I think with trucks forward mount, maybe just my probe plates cause then I can put on the ramp trucks if I like. So like 1mm aluminum? Cut it up with a jigsaw and use a drill?
: Yeah, he can rip! Dudette wanna rip it up too!! :-D weather is crap so I'm having fun on u-tube daydreamin it up.
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