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OT: design jobs?
I'm ADHD so I need drugs to focus. :-(

But GOOD news! I have an interview this week designing TOYS for kids!!! Now is that not perfect for me or what? Awesome!! Then they do have a 3D modeling class so I can make my computer spaz in 3D lol.

: : Well, I'll speak with a counselor tomorrow. Maybe I can take a class in 3D design and get into that. And I will look at graphic jobs again.
: I wish you all the luck there is in the world!
: : I have no problems designing, even without ritalin. I've taken in so much caffeine today to get my homework done and concentrate that my heart rate is going frightenly fast and my hands are shaking and still I dont understand it.
: I don't know if drugs really help. Caffeine also puts my heart on the race track but I'm not sure if is for better. Alcohol definitely does no good for me. With it, I just get too tired to be able to do any brain work.
: : I dont think my brain works that way. I admire you Bernhard! Its too hard for me.....
: You know I just keep away from this stuff that runs in a browser as far as possible. It just drives you nuts and you still can't test with all browsers in use. That's also why I am keeping my HTML simple and standard-compliant. In that way I just avoid problems.
: : Designing my next skate are worries I like to dwell on....
: I want to skate again! My last skate was with Ludi and Joe in Melbourne. It's wet and cold outside. Therefore the only option would be indoor.
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