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OT: design jobs?
: : I'm ADHD so I need drugs to focus. :-(

Yep, 100% sure and 100% sure the drugs make a difference. But I do question any meds all the time. Lucky me, thats it on meds for me. Hopefully I'll get this job.....

: Are you really sure? I know some physicians are very lax and tell you to take drugs even if there is no need. Get to know yourself! Nowbody will be able to do that better than you yourself. Find out what work best for you. I myself didn't know how to learn in school (wasn't a big problem since I made it anyhow). But I only learnt how to learn by learning to play the guitar. I then concluded that learning other stuff is analogous to that.
: : But GOOD news! I have an interview this week designing TOYS for kids!!! Now is that not perfect for me or what?
: Great! I hope you will do good in this interview!
: : Awesome!! Then they do have a 3D modeling class so I can make my computer spaz in 3D lol.
: "Spaz" alway looks like the german word "Spatz" (meaning sparrow) to me. I like sparrows!
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