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Adjusting Skate Trucks
I loosened up my front and back trucks nice and loose and my session tonight was a lot of fun. My SPF's are soooo fast.

: JOe, U funny! I guessed that already for some reason lol.
: Hey Robert, think I get what you are saying cause it happened to me once on the narrow ramp trucks. I went to do a sharp turn and they locked. Hasnt happend with other trucks. But usually when I turn, I sort of spin if its sharp. Like if I go left, I will be on my front wheels (left), rear wheels (right). When they locked, if I remember right I was pressing on all 4 wheels. On ramps I usually put my weight on my rear wheels. Seems like sharp turns mean being on less wheels for me.
: But since the skateboard trucks are less responsive, I have the softest cushions out there on them. Makes turning for me much easier. But my trucks are pretty tight for outdoors and I like that.
: : I've always riden tight trucks on skates and board but I'm slowly loosening on both cos it's much better for bowls me thinx,nackers=balls=nut=testicals,snipped=vasectomy=no more kids.I have 2 awsome daughters and am as content as a pig in shit.
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : : Hi all,
: : :
: : : I am used to skating with really loose trucks. I usually adjust the front and back the same. I have notices that it kind of makes my wheels lock up every once in a while. I guess I put to much weight on them and it turns the trucks too much. I am curious how others ride their trucks? Any advantage to loose front and tighter rear trucks? Nackers?
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