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Adjusting Skate Trucks & SOS
I donno, think maybe the toe guards twist things? Take those off and put on plates and see if that works. Or take the plate, see if it lies flat, put a leveler on it. Rotate wheels to see if wheels are different sizes. Just my thoughts.

UHMW is slick as ice, you will love it. I'm digging the wide trucks/long base too. I feel I can skate much more aggressively in things cause its so stable. :-D Doesnt work well on the indoor speed track tho lol.

: I usually ride hard bushings cuz I like the quicker rebound/response and have over the year been riding them looser, probably cuz i don't get to ride vert as much and doing more bowls. i don't tighten them for vert any longer, tho. i like it better now looser, seems more fluid.
: My new skates are great, love the wider trucks and longer wheelbase, feels so stable and powerful, sliders feel really wide and safe (i just ordered 1/2 x 1/4 UHMW plastic to make more rails, looking for a faster slide). The problem is with the front foot skate. There is a see-saw, teeter-toter going on. When placed on a flat surface, 2 of the wheels don't touch (diagonally). I can feel this instability when skating and it sucks. I think something is torqued making the aluminum base slightly twisted. I tried switching the hangars and bushing around to see if that was it, Not! I tried taking out screws attaching boot to plate, nope. I will next remove the boot and dismantle the truck baseplates from the plate and see if I can level it out. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
: : Hi all,
: :
: : I am used to skating with really loose trucks. I usually adjust the front and back the same. I have notices that it kind of makes my wheels lock up every once in a while. I guess I put to much weight on them and it turns the trucks too much. I am curious how others ride their trucks? Any advantage to loose front and tighter rear trucks? Nackers?
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