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Sunshine dance?
Wow, I hurt so bad today. Woke up my hip and shoulder were sore from the splat yesterday, today I tripped over a cone cause I cant get enough response out of the oak street plates without the trucks getting wobbly, so now I have a skinned knee since in speed skating you skate naked lol, now my butt, thighs, calves and hamstrings all hurt lol. Think I'll take a rest tomorrow! I have to study anyway. :-( But I hurt so good! :-D

: I went skating today, but for only 30 minutes. There were just too many little kids. After I took off my pads, I went out to take some pics and video. Luckily, this really good skateboarder showed up and I was able to get some awesome footage. For some reason my low back it killing me. Doh!
: : Wow Robert, if I had any money at all, lol, I would be on my way. :-D
: :
: : Hey, I'm teeny tiny, shux I could live in your closet! I only sleep on a tiny fold up cot cause of my dumb allergies, shoot, I could bring that on my back! But once I get some money and work experience, I'll come up, you work, I job hunt, we both skate! That would be the blast of my life.
: :
: : Good news, the sun gods were very kind to me and I sent the snow goddesses up Irenes way so I hope she is getting blasted as we speak. ;-) The skatepark was OPEN! I gave it a go at the pumping. Thanks. For some reason the push off on the first side put me too far back on the far side so I think I have to practice my balance again more. I got a good air INSIDE the ramp since I was getting a lot more speed and thought I would push off, I went a good foot or so to the center and flatlanded on my hip, hahahaha, good thing I'm a tough girl! I'm OK, guess I'll be sore tomorrow...... Yep, more speed, hopefully it will go UP more next time and I will get all the way around. Gosh, I'm going to miss the skatepark across the street!!!!! Wow, if it were still nice and all, I would want to go everyday!!
: :
: : : You are more than welcome to come and visit. Because I am poor, I share a two bedroom townhouse and pretty much live out of my room. My roomate is female and very nice so if you can deal with sleeping on the floor, then you can come and stay and go to the local park, which is two miles away. In fact, I will even sell you my air miles for dirt cheap so that you can fly here. I live walking distance to anything you would need and the skatepark is either a long walk or probably a five minute bus ride. I am a pretty mellow guy so I have not gotten to know my neighbors, but the people that live next door to me are all sponsored or professional skaters. I have not met them, but I see people coming and going all of the time and I think they are all from Europe. If you need a break, then come on down. I work 8am to 5pm, but will skate with you after hours. Shit, I am starting to think of this offer and want one near a great mountain to snowboard.
: : :
: : : Maybe December 26th through January 1st? Let me know.
: : :
: : : Robert
: : :
: : : : Well Robert, I'm packing my bags now. I'm sick of this sh!t!! Me and my 4 guineas and 2 bunnies are ready to move in with you lol! Hope thats OK? ;-D Its going to be mostly rain and some ice now, but I cant STAND this freakin cold weather either.
: : : :
: : : : Hey, try to do what I'm doing maybe? Mixing things up some til your body gets back in shape. I'm spinning all wheels until I figure this out lol. Cause the ramps/bowls are really high intensity stuff. And like they say not to do plyometrics right away or daily cause you will injure yourself, I"m seeing this as being similar for myself. In track/cross country, we did endurance stuff before the intense stuff.
: : : :
: : : : And right now with this weather, I'll be lucky to hit a ramp even once a week. But I'm going to try to do indoor speed skating to get into shape. I'm hoping things will heal, and my muscles, tendons and ligaments I use for skating will get strong and I will be in shape for it by spring. Then I can do more ballistic/aggressive skating. Even so, I think I've realized that my body cant take the ramps on a daily basis without overuse injuries. So think I will alternate of speed/street skating with the ramps/bowls. I will see if this works for me cause less often is better then these crappy injuries.
: : : :
: : : : Hey, sorry to hear your leg hurts. But cortisone, it weakens ligaments so I personally wouldnt recommend it unless necessary. I wish I could heal you to perfection, if I could I would!! But me first lol.
: : : :
: : : : : Claudine, you must know why this is happening? I remember making a comment about you living in a climate that has snow and you said it rarely snows. See! I just hit the park for the fourth time this week. I have all of my skating back to the point of the last time and am learning a few lines. I had a bad problem with my thigh two months ago and it is back already. I wonder if a cortisone shot would help?
: : : : :
: : : : : : OK, looks like you will get the snow, now we will get mostly rain and ice. And if I'm lucky, might not start til evening and the skatepark will be OPEN! :-D
: : : : : :
: : : : : : : I like snow and we do dances to the snow goddesses! ;-)
: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : I just read this about our area. Its the last weekend of the skatepark til spring and I had high hopes of putting myself in the hospital so I wouldnt have to take my exam lol. :`(
: : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : A Winter Storm Watch remains in effect from Saturday morning
: : : : : : : : through Sunday afternoon.
: : : : : : : : This includes the
: : : : : : : : possibility of some areas receiving 5 or more inches of snow and
: : : : : : : : sleet accumulation and/or a quarter inch or more of ice
: : : : : : : : accumulation.
: : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : :
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