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Zorg, my speedskates, question
Well you are ahead of me! I dont read books unless its info I need lol. Reading books is a struggle for me.

I'm trying to learn a bit of skateboarding too. I'm not very good at it but its fun. I just love to roll. And yeah, I like my projects. I think I will love my new job cause I can do what I do for a hobby essentially.

I think youre an awesome skater though! I'm waiting for the videos of YOU. ;-) I'm not ready for real vert myself. I'm just trying to learn some tricks now and spare my body from serious injuries. I'm mad now cause I have sores on my ankle and wanted to drive up to Baltimore to the skatepark tomorrow but I wouldnt last long with a scab on my ankle. I have to wait another 2 days I guess. I want to practice stalls on a bigger ramp!

: Claudine you are such an inspiration. I have no artistic abilty, but my new year's resolution is to read two books a month and try to get a bit more educated in the arts. I have a challenge on another site to skateboard an 11 foot bowl and the other guy has to skate on rollerskates and do an air. I have since told the other guy that the challenge was not worth it. I will never grind a pool on a skateboard and I don't think it is worth it for him to buy skates and try to air a pool. I just think it is not a good use of time. I am going to buy a skateboard, but I don't plan on grinding a pool. I have already conceded and I hope we can both just try to skate to our abilities. After skating the Palm Spings park, I think My park is quite tame. I can't even try to skateboard because I was never good at vert skating and I need to get my flips back. Soon I will have my layback airs and flips. I will skateboard, but only on the street. I am too old to start trying new things and I have so many old tricks to try.
: : You are meant for skating. Back in the day, most of the good skateboarders were very artistic. You fit in well. Recently, I have gotten to know many artistic people through my job and I love you guys and gals. I am so happy you are getting into skating at your age. I have read so many posts of older skaters doing the same thing. I skated at the age of 12 and have skated on and off for many years. It is a great thing and I am learning skaters are good people and there is a lot of trust and friendship.
: :
: : : Well, I LOVE to build and skate both! I've always made most my toys and thats why I have a cool job now.
: : :
: : : But right now 2 of my skates are being broken down. My hockey skates are now my soccer speed skates which I am setting it up like Walid Nouh's, forward mounted. I wanna ride on my rear wheels! I'm keeping the toe piece as a toe guard and the tongue if I need ankle padding. I couldnt sell the skates so using all the parts. Then I have my other street skates, oak streets, with more support that can sub as vert skates for rough ditches. I have my vert skates and soon indoor speed skates. My art skates I will sell. My dominion boots are dead and gave me sores on my feet the other day so thats just parts too now for later if I need them. So 4 pairs of skates essentially, plus one on the way out.
: : :
: : : I cant just skate bowls like you do here so I have skates for different things, bowls/parks, streets and indoor speed. When I was in college as an art major, I painted over 200 paintings. Watching TV and sitting around having cocktails isn't my thing. I have lots of energy, cant sit still and like to make things with my hands. If these skates dont work, I only lost $11 total on stuff for them, break them down and redo. When I finish my classes, I will start sculpting again and painting. I'm also finishing up a picture of Duke now. I designed some heel pads this weekend to snug the heel in my speed skates which attaches with velcro and built a cardboard house with tunnels for my bunnies for Christmas plus some tunnels for my guinea pigs. All free too since I snatched stuff from Costco and they are HAPPY! I have too much energy lol. I wanna build more crap.
: : :
: : : How many friggin pairs of skates do you have? I think a lot of people are the same way. I have always been one of those one set up type people. I know some skateboarders that bring four boards to the park and have extra wheels and bearings. I don't get it, but I love the passion.
: : : :
: : : : : I finally got all the rubber off and making a forward mount on them. The front raises though since there is no heel. Should I make a heel wedge or no? If so out of what? Seems like it would need to slope. I want to put my skates together Friday or Sat!!
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