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Zorg, my speedskates, question
On the following setup, basket shoes are used: they have soft sole and small heel block included, the small added aluminium plate is there to increase the contact area and the skate plate length:

Now for your setup, you can need a heel wedge for 2 reasons:
-soccer shoes are curved and have no heel block: so heel block 0.5 to 1cm thick?
-for (plate) forward mounted, the plate is often too short as you noticed, the heel block then enables to increase the plate length and add the required support for your shoe.
Now as soccer shoes are stiff, and you will not have more than maybe 2-3cm offset on on back of the plate, some plastic/wood/grind heel plate can do it.

For you first skating experiment, remember to stand up back bent, head forward. You will probably need to some time (few hours?!) to adapt...... and enjoy hem!!!!!



: I finally got all the rubber off and making a forward mount on them. The front raises though since there is no heel. Should I make a heel wedge or no? If so out of what? Seems like it would need to slope. I want to put my skates together Friday or Sat!!
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