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zorg (videos by zorg) (pictures by zorg)
Palm Springs Skatepark
Nice bowl with blue sky!!! enjoy for both ;-) here it's rainy/foggy, so mounting new stuff on my skates!!!!


: I wanna see Robert skate too! That bowl looks like the one here I have in Greenbelt.
: : Great stuff Robert,the second vid the dood rolls prety well
: : and the photo leaves me hungry for for vid action of your good self.
: :
: : cheers joe
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: : : Hi all,
: : :
: : : I was visiting my parents in Palm Desert over the holidays and met up with some skateboarders from another forum I belong to. I only have one pic so far, but did want to show you this park. It is f'n huge! The pool is awesome, but the drop in was too steep for me to try it. I did not want to twist an ankle or break a foot. This park would take a good few weeks to really get used to. My first day I could barely make a run. My second day I had some pretty good lines. The coping was really rough and when I grinded, it would make me come to a complete stop. Although I grinded, I actually tried not too. Check out this park through these videos.
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: : : Me Palm Springs
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