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Palm Springs Skatepark
Hey Robert who's the Oz skater, we may know him.You'll learn to love the 11" bowl,we have a good one here and it's rad when you get use to it.Theres actualy a comp on in it on Feb 8 and 9 with a roller devision just like the SOS comp,I'll try and get some footage and snaps when it happens.If you youtube moss at frankston bowl you'll see some footage of it,,maybe even ludi ifn your lucky.

cheers joe

: That park is way harder than it looks. The pool is a replica of "The Nude Bowl", which is a famous pool in Palm Springs. It actually scared the shit out of me. It was hard enough getting vids and pics of the guys so it would be harder to get those of myself. That park made me realize how easy my local park is. My New Year's resolution will consist of a lot of things, but part of it will be to do layback airs and miller flips. Skating with older people really helps out a lot. I saw these guys charging for hours. They slammed pretty bad and got up for more. I think that if we can all support each other, then we have a chance to skate hard. I must say that Claudine inpires me because she is friggin obsessed with skating. One of the guys told me Fred Blood has not skated in a year. Another guy knows Brian W. and said he is amazing, but we already knew that. I am buying a new skateboard this week and can't wait to roll on flat ground. I have a challenge with a skater from Australia. I am supposed to grind an 11' bowl and he is supposed to do an air on rollerskates. I finally said it was a lame challenge and we will see where things go.
: : Great stuff Robert,the second vid the dood rolls prety well
: : and the photo leaves me hungry for for vid action of your good self.
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: : cheers joe
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: : : Hi all,
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: : : I was visiting my parents in Palm Desert over the holidays and met up with some skateboarders from another forum I belong to. I only have one pic so far, but did want to show you this park. It is f'n huge! The pool is awesome, but the drop in was too steep for me to try it. I did not want to twist an ankle or break a foot. This park would take a good few weeks to really get used to. My first day I could barely make a run. My second day I had some pretty good lines. The coping was really rough and when I grinded, it would make me come to a complete stop. Although I grinded, I actually tried not too. Check out this park through these videos.
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: : : Me Palm Springs
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