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Skateboarders only skatepark
I went to State of Confusion skatepark today. Its skateboarders only but I talked them into letting me go. They were impressed by my skates! But once I went in, I realized why its skateboarders only. It was very tight, lots of small steep ramps with little roll area. The floor was too slick for me to skate on, the slickest floor ever! They had one 6 foot or so halfpipe with about 20 skateboarders on it so there wouldnt be room for me to practice pumping either. So mostly small, steep launch ramps with no roll area between them. Even small steep ramps to walls. Is this common? I mean, I dont think many others besides skateboarders that just want to launch off ramps would have much interest in this set up? The other skatepark was 10 mins away, so I went and had a butt smacking time lol!
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