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holly (pictures by holly)
Skateboarders only skatepark
I've been to state of confusion when the kiddies were filing out, it was pretty small but nice without people on top of you.

: : : I went to State of Confusion skatepark today.
: :
: : The mini ramp there doesn't look too bad. I think it is skateable. I would like it a bit higher, though.
: :
: : Seems like to have to go there when it's bed time for the kids ...
: The halfpipe is taller then the photo, 6 feet, and its much more cramped. The floor is so slick I just slip, it was odd. The other skatepark isnt like that. THey have several runs with taller ramps to start, smaller ones to launch if you want and end in halfipipes if you like. I went on the one thats against the wall on the right of the video. Theres lots of roll space! 2-3 foot flat ramps 2 feet apart jammed with skateboarders launching isnt fun for me. The halfpipe was incredibly crowded. But heres the one I like thats 4 miles closer! The floor is fine and I'm very happy to have something to go to in the winter. They have a smaller mini upstais for me to learn lip tricks on too. Many just do the street course and dont go into the halfpipe so I could even practice pumping on it.
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