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Anyone skate these wheels?
Can your trucks fit skateboard wheels? I had spitfires that were 54 mm 99A. I did not mind how small they were, but they got flat spots really fast. If you can fit skateboard wheels get the SPF's. Mine are so smooth and fast and I hear they don't get flat spots. When I had my narrow trucks, I could only use rollerskate wheels and I hated them because they don't make them hard enough and the hard ones are for indoors.

: Thank you, but isnt 54mm really slow? I have 64mm and they are too big, esp. for small people like me but good for outdoor skateparks. Hard for lip tricks. But I think 54 would be the opposite extreme?
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: : our 5 year old, rory skates on rainskates mini bees 54mm a soft 98a , very popular with younger street skaters over here in oz . good luck, choose carefully.
: : : Any wheel 95a 60mm? I'm only half everyone elses weight so 95a to me is like 100a to normal people. I've been working really hard in my new job, love it, and want a smaller wheel as my treat to do coping tricks on these small ramps. :-D
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