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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
Anyone skate these wheels?
: : Hey Claudine Cockroaches were origonaly made by Tim Dawe,the dood who now makes coretech,ect and I belive he bought the name back a while ago so I think they are made by him again,check his web site.Any urethane this dood pours is gold and you cannot go wrong,not to say your other suggestions arn't good but I absolutely back Tims ability and product(no I'm not sponsered by him).The rainskates are a good thing too and reletevely localy made (to you),check out there web site too for sizes and duros.Any info flowed on Bernhards site, I belive is quality from the horses mouth and can be taken in faith,unlike the rants of some board carying wanker working in a skate fasion shop.
: You put that very nicely, Joe. And I think we are in no great danger of the people you described. There are just too few possible victims for them here! ;-)

Agreed! This board is the best!! :-D
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