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Robert (videos by Robert) (pictures by Robert)
Looks like someone has a skate addiction. lol I cruised by the park straight from work and it was not open. I guess the rain kept things wet. Hopefully, I can skate tomorrow. I decided to start skating the small bowl again to get warmed up and practice plate tricks. I have a few lines I want to try in the big bowl.

: I just got a set of skates off ebay and I asked about how I tell if certain things are OK, etc.
: For bent axels, I was told to do this:
: "an easy way to spot check an axle is to mount up a good set of wheels....and place the skate on a surface you know to be flat. Look to see that the wheels touch the surface evenly, that the end opposite the truck isn't lifted slightly. Axles will generally bend up, not down. This won't work with old, worn wheels, as they'll wear more on the outsides."
: So looks like your skates have a bent axel? Well, I have one on these skates too lol.
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