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rollerskatecontest in fuerteventura
: I would love to hang out and watch and skate outside of the competition. I doubt I will have the time to take off work or the money, but that sounds great. I wish some of you Euopeans would come out to California. It seems your countries give a lot more vacation time. I am glad to see some activity on here from you old school skaters. Toto Ghali posted that he wants to do a 20 day tour through Europe. Dayam, I would love to participate, but I am just trying to pay the bills. I am willing to travel inside the U.S. to meet up with any rollerskaters.
: By the way, last night I tried something that I have not tried in over ten years. It was so simple and basic, but got me excited. I don't know the name, but it is a weak attempt at a layback air. I just did a really weak hand plant and went back in. It will be slow, but I am mapping out the lines to start doing some tricks. It is damn scary.
: Robert
ive recently got layback airs back, and now im concentrating
on inverts. the beachparty sounds hot,but lack of funds seems to be a global problem. cheers h. :
: : : aloha people!!
: : : so i`m trying to organize a surf/skate and classic rollerskate- contest in fuerteventura this summer(august) "el contest del viejo rey"..a contest of three dayz with surf and a halfpipe on the beach..we`ll try ouer best...
: :
: : That's great! Only the Freiburg vert contest Hot LaWa probably also will take place in August, like in the last years.
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