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rollerskatecontest in fuerteventura
I dont understand patience lol, I like to skate! :-D Its not bad but I try not to do things that cause it to act up.

Glad to hear you are doing better! They said snow Friday, I'm going panic skating tomorrow lol. 2 more months.......

Hey, good news! I am doing a website for the company I work for now. Its all CSS, divs, floats, etc. I'm getting it!! Its hard but now everything lines up and centers nicely. I'm doing a checkout too. It will blow mine away lol. On my site with CSS and tables, it looks aweful. I dont understand......... Guess its all styles now. Its just so much work to start from scratch.

: : Oh no, no skating? I only skate twice a week after work cause its cold, dark and rains a lot lately. But I skate twice on the weekend. For some reason speed skating hurts my knee doing crossovers since it appears what hurts is the tendon from my inner thigh muscle.
: Patience! ;-) Don't overdo it.
: : Lucky me it doesnt hurt with the bowls! :-D I hope you heal fast though. I dont like winter much.
: Me neither. I think I don't need much healing any more but just more opportunities to skate. Winter is the main hindrance and I don't like it neither.
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