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My wheels.....
I rode the cockroaches today! Wow, what amazing wheels. They are harder, but amazingly more grippy too! I kinda dont understand lol. The smaller size gave me much more control and maneuverability. Maybe the speed was less but that will come if I figure out where to pump.

I skated 3 1/2 hrs today and one wheel ended up with 3 chips. :-( So my dream wheel might only last a month unless it was one bad wheel or an odd thing that happened. Now I'm thinking of type-S wheels or I donno. I hope these wheels last cause thats a lot of money to throw away and I do love the way they ride, perfect!!

So cortech makes the same wheel? I love them but maybe since they are old they are dried up? I really dont want to change but I want my wheels to last a year.
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