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My wheels.....
I might get these next time: Rainskates Killer Bees
NEW SIZE - 59mm / 98a
The shape is killer, the urethane is fast and grippy and the shape is spot on!
or the type-s:

Skateboarders post that these are both fast AND grippy!! Maybe I was wrong thinking harder is slicker cause thats the way they go for roller skate wheels. But the guy said he would ship me a couple more wheels since my chipped. I hope they work out cause I do love these wheels!

!: From nuts heads going outside the ramp surface, I got too some wheel bites on my Powell BB PF (not on the 95a: just small cuts, but no pieces off). Luckily, it's on the wheel edge, so it's not a problem, wheels still roll smoothly (unlike flat spoting ;-( ....). From concretedisciples forum, I heard it's a known issue with very hard wheels such as the PF.
: Tried again the Rainskates yesterday on small ramp, and I'm more and more impressed, pumping is much more efficient. I must find bearings+spacers for the Cortech ;-)
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