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OK, now its handplants?
I skated my ass off today! :-D No cramps in my ankles, just warmed up more and no probs. Figured out about pumping on the curve. Seems to be just like pumping up a curved ramp, just its sideways. But extend and push in the curved part. There were some good skateboarders today and now I'm getting how they skate translates into mine.

Almost got the backward stall. :-D

Tried to do handplant. But when I land, I hit my back wheels and slide on my ass. Not enough speed? Not steep enough of a wall? Do I need to really extend? Another way to start for an easier way? I guess I need to tuck my knees up more? I didnt extend, just lifting my feet up then trying to tuck them under me and either I hit my butt or I sat on top the coping lol. Gosh this is fun! I dont care if I look stupid bailing all the time, its still a crazy amount of fun. :-D

: I'm having a time getting into the backward stall. Today I was trying to but I'm getting into carving so I make more arcs now then up and down and dont really clasp on yet. BTW, the coping is really low too. I'm thinking going straight up is ideal? Should I spin onto it or jump onto it? Today instead I did my first truck grind lol. It was awesome but I have these big bell stoppers on and it grabbed and threw me to the center of the bowl! I'm LOVING the pro-designed elbow pads now!!!!! They have been used and abused. :-D
: Hey, tell me. When I see inliners, they dont bend as much forward but only in the knees. Everyone here I see also bends at the waist like me with their head forward. Is it because our wheels are closer together?
: And why do skateboarders skate with 52-54mm and we use much bigger wheels? Just curious as to the differences. I know, I ask too many questions but I wonder.....
: Yes, today lucky. The bowls were dry! But also got cramps in my ankles and feet til I warmed up. I had to stop and stretch and skate and stretch for 20mins til they let up. Is it cause its cold (below freezing here) or it feels like lactic acid buildup or what? Should I do something more before I skate? I wasnt cramping up beforehand. Am I out of shape? This is weird.....
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