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H. Ludi
OK, now its handplants?
: The post is below!
: But I got the monkey plant. Its a simple one just hoping to the side really but at least my wheels land most the time. :-D Just having a hard time twisting my body fully before I put my hands down on the coping for the handplant. I think I need more speed which will give me more time/room to twist. I understand pumping but I still do a lousy job at it. Some of those guys can really rock!
: I'm trying to learn my tricks on 5-6 foot bowls and ramps mostly. I still have not dropped in on a ramp with a good curve thats over 6 feet and not sure why, havent dropped in the deep end (6 feet) of the bowl yet. Its in my head cause I was told the center where I've been going in might be steeper. I look down and lol...... The flat ramps only 7 feet so far so no vert yet for me.
: I am going to skate 58mm wheels tomorrow. Thanks Irene!! :-D I guess since the bowls I skate are small and I'm small, they seem to work better for me. Just I might have to redo my sliders and make them lower so I can lock on better if I stick with 58mm. This will have to wait til spring/summer! The coping on this bowl I love is really low and I think thats making stalls much harder. Robert, thanks so much for your help! Hopefully one day I will get a video camera. I'm stoked I'm doing something even if I havent really mastered anything I dont think lol.
: : I just posted and it seemed my post vanished. Hmm, what did I say? Claudine, you are doing awesome. Push off more with the handplants so your feet land on the transition. You are doing great! Quit being so analyitical and just skate. You are definitely motivating me to learn my coping tricks. I am going to start working the small portion of the bowl so that I can learn my plate tricks again. You have now motivated me to start doing inverts. These bowls seem to be so f'n steep and scary. I will do a miller flip this year! I love carving and grinding, but that is so far away from my old school stuff. I need a good 8 ft ramp to relearn my tricks.
: :
: : : Claudine, you are doing awesome! This sport is about trial and error. If your feet are hanging up on your handplants, then push off harder. Toe stops should not get in the way of any trick. You are definitely being too analytical about your skating. You are progressing very fast and you just have to be patient. There are many people on here that have done amazing tricks and some of us (me) are too scared to try them. Take your time and have fun. It sounds to me like you are way ahead of the curve. I have finally gotten used to carving and grinding these big bowls and now I want to practice my technical tricks. Next time I skate, I will spend sometime in the small section of the bowl and practice my plate tricks. You have inspired me to get inverts back. Just have fun and progress at your speed.
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gday all, sounds to me like we are all in the same boat.
im slowly regaining my old tricks, got layback airs, occasional millerflips, am attempting inverts. last week i finally dropped the 3.3 m deep end at frankston bowl, just in time for our mossjam sk8 comp, joe told me it would be easy, he was right. just a matter of getting your head around these things . enough said.
cheers h.:
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