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Did Landsdowne today!
: That place is fun. Not as fun as the greenbelt bowl but very different, lots of changes,and it teaches you how to stay loose and carve. Challenging at first.
: The snake runs are fun but some are very narrow V shaped. As a roller skater, if I got in the center, I couldnt skate unless I did sidestance. So I figured how to ride the lip. Even going down, I couldnt go straight down, only at angles since it was so tight. One place wasnt quad friendly.
: Problems: It was slow and some areas are narrow. Its rough concrete so I put on my aerobic roller skate wheel with crappy bearings, no spacers. It was tons of drag. Zero speed which sucked. Are all rollerskate wheels this way? I guess since this is a park from the 70s, I should get soft skateboard wheels eventually instead or will those be slow too? Also, when you go down the run into the bowl, the top isnt vert at all so its hard to get speed down it to come back up the run and I couldnt pull a handplant on it since there were no steep areas. Its not a trick park, just carving. I seem to enjoy more speed and close to vert now. The walls most werent much steeper then 45-60 degrees max.
: Some places they were flat walls and the transition was too sharp at the bottom so I had to ride the lip down those areas too. I find if I dont go down walls with a nice steep curve, I loose speed too quick. So I had to actually skate a lot too at times to pick up speed so now my knee is sore. I think my body is begining to understand how to move with the bowl. I'm getting better at getting more perpendicular to the wall when I start getting up towards the lip but its harder when I'm not going as fast. I think the guard there was digging watching me! He kept telling me I was getting better each run. I had no idea how to ride it at first lol.

Good onya Claudine,,sometimes the fun part about those old gnarly spots is just surviving a run and still finding a line or 2 and then eventialy pulling a trick.We are very spoilt with the quality trany we have these days.Every spot has it's good and bad points,it all comes down to what you can make of it.

cheers joe
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