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Lazy Boy...
: When I was trying to find rollerskate wheels, it sucked! One reason I liked getting wider trucks is that I can ride skateboard wheels. I agree with Joe, try to find a happy medium. Although I have not skated ramps in a long time, I don't get why loose trucks would be a problem? I bought a set of brand new wheels right before I broke my elbow and that was the first and only time I usded them. Next time I go to my car, I will see what kind they are. If you want them, then I would be happy to send them to you. I remember not liking them and they are probably why I broke my elbow. lol They were not round like skateboard wheels and had grooves in them. I will check them out. Maybe if I am not too lazy, I will take some pics so you can check them out.
This is what happens when I get lazy....I build another toy to ride!
This is my commuter board, great for getting around NYC. And just in case the subway system goes down or on strike again, like last winter before Xmas, this will get me where I need to be. Under 4 pounds...3lbs 12ozs, lighter than one of my rollerskates.
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