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Loose trucks.....
: : : Well, if they are soft I might like them. But if they are jinxed and will cause me to break my elbow, I DONT!! lol. I dont like roller skate wheels for anything with a curve. I think they are all SLOW!! They are square and dont carve well. I was thinking of the old school kryptonics but now i like my spacers too and might want something harder then that, 85-88a for Landsdowne. Its nice, I should be getting my soft stoppers soon. I pretty much have everything I need now except wheels for landsdowne which are good. I'm not sure how long the boots will last but they seem to be holding up really well. I might not need anything for this type of skating for a year, woo-hoo! Save up for a skating trip?
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: : : : When I was trying to find rollerskate wheels, it sucked! One reason I liked getting wider trucks is that I can ride skateboard wheels. I agree with Joe, try to find a happy medium. Although I have not skated ramps in a long time, I don't get why loose trucks would be a problem? I bought a set of brand new wheels right before I broke my elbow and that was the first and only time I usded them. Next time I go to my car, I will see what kind they are. If you want them, then I would be happy to send them to you. I remember not liking them and they are probably why I broke my elbow. lol They were not round like skateboard wheels and had grooves in them. I will check them out. Maybe if I am not too lazy, I will take some pics so you can check them out.
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: : : : : : : : Since I've been skating the bowls, my trucks have gotten ridiculously loose. But with the crap weather lately :`( I might go indoors this weekend and try this one indoor park I just found out about that has a 4 foot bowl (I know not much but least its a bowl right?) and a 6 foot halfpipe. So its not just really a street course which is cool! But what do I do with my trucks? I have them tight for ramps, loose for bowls. I want to hit both and will be hitting the skatepark across the street when it opens some during the week but hitting the bowls whenever I can most the time still. Do I tighten them once around or twice for the ramps, so I can keep it straight? Or what method do others use? Or do you keep them loose for the ramps too? What do I do when I'm skating both the same day? I need something concrete so I can keep it straight cause I dont like riding around readjusting my trucks constantly.
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: : : : : : : : Lastly, any advice on soft wheel recommendations which are fast for rough surfaces? I want a killer set for landsdowne. Trying to do a trade but no word back yet from my skateboarder buddy.
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: : : : : : : : **praying for sunshine here** Grumpy since theres ice outside and I'm DYING to roll! :-( Thanx!!
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: : : : : : : Maybe just try and get use to medium loose/tight,I dont readjust for anything,,same with all my gear,I allways use hard wheels for everything.
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: : : : : : : cheers joe
: : : : : : : :
: : : : : :
: : : : : : Landsdowne was built in 1970. I was told anything harder then 90-92a will rattle your bones! Plus it would chip the hard wheels.
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: : : : : : The guy said he has abec 11s. But I might try Kryptonics Slammers 60mm 88A, or autobahn
: : : : : : or ???? I have route 70 but they are like big ol soft rocks lol.
: : : : : :
: : : : : : I'll try to see if the looser trucks do OK on the ramps. If not I'll try to do one around tighter and keep it at that to remember lol.
: : : : :
: : : : : Think I'll try the mini tsunamis but they are all sold out the shops I order from right now. Guess I gotta wait lol?
: :
: :
: : i love loose trucks, i can turn very sharply . i think it helps me with carving too. mini tsunamis would be good for you claudine, mini killer bees would be better, trust me.
: : c u , h .
: Over the years, my trucks have gotten looser and looser, esp since more bowls have surfaced. With these wider trucks, they are looser than ever. I never adjust them now, they stay set. My front trucks are always slightly looser than the rears, like most skateboarders. Soft wheels for outdoors, I like 60mm 88a, rounded edges, center set bearings.

OK, I'll stick with loose trucks for the halfpipes then? I'll see how it goes! Mine are slightly looser in the front too since I bear most weight in the rear. I want to do mostly bowls now but during the week, it will be easy to hit my skatepark at home and I can work on my tricks on the halfpipe.

Landsdowne has cracks, etc. Its like a street. Not a smooth bowl so I would shatter with hard wheels. So I think I'll try the mini tsunamis since they seem to be the right size/hardness! Too bad places are out of stock. Wow, will only need one set of skates then lol............
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