Vertical Rollerskating


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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Check out for more aggressive skating


: Check out and and take a
: look at some of the pictures and videos on those sites.
: There are teams all over the USA jam skating now.

Very interesting! Could that be described as "breakdance on quads"?

: Anyone selling those ramp roller skates? and if so, how
: much?

I heard that a specialized vert skate is in the works. Currently, I think most vert skaters either build the skates themselves (eg skateboard parts plus custom metal jobs), or combine rollerskate components that are currently available.

I link to some skates and instruction pages; Irene Ching's and Dave Roen's are used as vert skates.

At the bottom of I link to some hard boot skates, and one monolithic frame.


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